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Contact us for a free at home consultation.

The first consulation is free if you choose to become part of our family and schedule service. This consultation gives you the chance to meet your pet sitter, and it will give us the opportunity to meet you and your pets. We will explain our services in detail, answer any questions you may have, obtain detailed information about caring for your pets and your home, confirm pet care dates and times, and arrange for home access. At the consultation it will be necessary for you to provide veterinary contact information and a pet care agreement will be completed. We will also need 2 copies of your house key and full payment for first service at this visit, otherwise an extra fee will be charged to pick up your keys.

After this visit you are now a customer and part of Augusta's Family!! Congrats!! We will only be a phone call or email away whenever you need professional and loving care for you pets and home. For the security of your home and pets we never advertise on our cars or on our person.

Email us for a free consult to sign up today!!.When emailing please include as much information as possible, i.e., when you need service, how many pets, where you are located, and contact information. EMAIL Augusta's Today!

We believe in providing you the best possible service!!

For Pet Owners

Pet ownership in the United States is continually on the rise. Currently, 63 percent of all American households have pets. The US pet population includes some 73 million dogs, 90 million cats and 16 million birds plus fish, hamsters and other animals.[1] These pets are happiest when they're home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds.

For many years, pet owners faced a dilemma when they had to be away from home. Limited care options were available. One choice was boarding at a kennel or vet. Another was turning to family, friends, neighbors or a professional boarder. But these solutions were seldom ideal.

A new alternative - pet sitting - has changed all that. Today, pet sitters - professional pet caregivers - look after an animal or animals, at home, while their owner is away. Pet sitting has taken the anxiety out of leaving a pet behind, which is why it is one of the nation's fastest growing industries.

Pet sitting offers the best of all worlds - for pets and their owners. Trauma is minimized. Owners need not go through the ordeal of transporting unhappy pets and worrying that they might be exposed to other animals' illnesses. Animals get to stay in their familiar environment, maintain their diet and exercise routine and are attended to by caring professionals.

Professional pet sitting allows owners to confidently leave their pets home, knowing that they'll receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.