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Pictured to the left here are the original business founders, board of directors, and kids:) Keeana, AJ, and Augusta (left to right). Augusta and AJ are English Bulldogs and also the inspiration for the business. Keeana is a Siberian Husky who passed Feb 2010 and she will always be a part of our team in memory.....RIP Baby Kana. Augusta the namesake of the business passed on 07/08/2014. RIP Augusta Mommy you will be forever missed. The general principle of this business is to make our services the best offered with a high level of customer service that you would expect. We have taken care of nearly 1000 different pets since we became Augusta's in 2005 that we consider our extended family and love as if they were our own. 30 years of experience with pets and Veterinarian Recommended. All of us at Augusta's works as a team and we all communicate throughout each day. We want to keep that personal touch our clients enjoy, so we maintain a certain number of clients in our client base. We provide love, dependability, experience, and a great desire to provide you the best possible service. Those qualities among many others is how Augusta's House and Pet Sitting LLC sets itself apart. All of our Pet Sitters are background checked and we are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for your piece of mind. See the bottom of this page for some of the many organizations that we belong to, they show our dedication to providing you the best service. Our clients are happy and part of our extended family, we would have it no other way. See what our clients are saying on the Photo/References page.

Terms and Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do you do overnight stays?
A: We do not do overnights at this time.

Q: Are our house keys secure with Augustas House and Pet Sitting LLC?
A: All house keys are locked in a separate location from the rest of our office and client information. The keys are also coded so only we know which key goes to which client. You never have to worry about your keys or security with Augusta’s House and Pet Sitting LLC. We are also bonded and insured just incase a key becomes missing.

Q: Is it ok to tip my pet sitter?
A: Yes. 100% of tip goes to the pet sitter.

Q: Do you charge extra if our pet becomes ill while we are away?
A: The only time you will be charged extra is if we need to take your pet to the vet or the pets care takes longer than the scheduled time of the visit. Charges can range from $15.00 upwards.

Q: Do you charge extra for Holiday visits?
A: Just a small fee of $10.00 a day is charged for Holiday Weekends and the day of the Holiday itself. New Years(12/30-01/02), Easter, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and Christmas(12/23-12/26).

Q If I schedule service and then later cancel it am I still charged?
AYes. Please review our canellation policy on Services/Rates Page. We also go over this in detail at the free Consult.

Q: Do you do pet taxi?
A: It is not an advertised service, but we will if it is scheduled in advance. Same day is only upon availability. Service is $15.00 each way plus $1.00 a mile for any miles over 10. There will be additional charges for any visit that takes over 1 hour.

Q: Are you and your workers trained and certified?
A: Yes. Owner Christopher Smith is certified by NAPPS(National Association of Professional Pet Sitters). The certification covers the daily operation of a pet sitting service, veterinary handbooks, Pet first aide, training, and CPR. Then as a trainer of employee development for 10 years, Christopher has developed his own training plan and testing to make sure all employees of Augustas House and Pet Sitting LLC are equally qualified to take care of your home and pets.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
A: Yes. We offer you complete security and peace of mind. The company is Licensed and Insured and all employees are Bonded and background checked. We are also a member of the BBB.

Q: If I work later hours what is the latest you stop by and check on my pet?
A: Our last stop for Daily Visits and Puppy Service is 8:30pm.

Q: If I have an emergency during the day, can you do an unscheduled visit for me to check on my pet?
A: Dependant on availability, CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY. One of the many advantages for our clients, is that we will do all we can to help you in the event of an emergency same day visit at just $25.00 in most cases (subject to change, depends on area). Just give us a call. CURRENT Clients only!

Q: Do you take care of farm animals?
A: We do not advertise that we take care of farm animals. Definitely give us a call and see if it is possible for Augusta’s House and Pet Sitting LLC to help you.

Q: If we go out of town on vacation, can you stop by every other day?
A:From a legal stand point for our insurance and a moral business ethic of Augusta’s House and Pet Sitting LLC, when you are gone from home on vacation it is necessary for service every day if you have dogs. Cats can be visited everyother day if you release us from responsibility if anything happens on the off day. It is best to have at least one visit per day for cats too.

All employees of Augusta's House and Pet Sitting LLC completes training in pet first aid and pet sitting. You will always have peace of mind knowing that your pets are receiving the best care and love. We all work as a team!!! Augusta and Chris would have it no other way :)

Thank you!!!!